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Hanley's Good Timin' Barbershop, opened in 2020, is a place where everyone is welcome. 

We stand by the belief that "all men are created equal" and all will be treated as such, nothing less will be tolerated. Hanley's is a place for good times. It's not just about the excellent service you'll get from one of our exceptional barbers. This is about finding a place where you belong. A place for friends to kick back, relax, and enjoy a break. 

Although tough conversations and controversial topics have always traditionally been discouraged in the shop, we believe these are the conversations friends need to be having. With a compassionate heart and a respectful attitude strangers can become friends and minds can become opened. 

A Message from Dallas Hanley:

I have always been proud of my last name. Being a Hanley is not only about your lineage. It's about your character. It's about giving up pride for humility. It's about celebrating anothers victories. It's about seeking out truth, and accepting it. It's about respect and honor. This barbershop will stand for these things, and we will all push one another to grow everyday. Because a Hanley has your back. 

So, welcome to the family, and welcome to Hanley's.

Dallas Hanley

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